Ashley White
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About Me: I  was born and raised in the state of Arkansas.  I am the youngest of my mom's five kids.  As a kid I really enjoyed reenacting SNL skits for my family. It was then I decided I wanted to be a comedic actress.  My southern roots are still very present as I am asked daily "Where are you from?"  due to my can't be missed accent.  I've acted in multiple commercials and independent films in Dallas, TX, Louisiana, and Los Angeles. 

" I thought the actress who played the best friend, Ashley White, really stole the show. She was very nice in person, and funny, and her Dallas accent is as thick as Texas Toast. I need to write something for her." - Jeanie Clark, Director of "Smalltimore" and winner of Best Director Award at Indiefest USA 2009 about Ashley's performance in "Disowning Claire"

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